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Shenzhen is the birthplace of the supply chain management of domestic enterprises, the management of enterprise supply chain the agglomeration of the 80%'s, along with the development and market competition of Shenzhen supply chain management industry intensifies, its business model innovation, business has been extended to the supply chain upstream and downstream of each link, and strive to provide supply chain solutions design, procurement and distribution, production management, capital settlement, customs clearance logistics, brand promotion and information systems and many other areas, comprehensive, integrated supply chain management service for the customer. The integration of the supply chain management services to clients throughout the business process is longer, from procurement to the non core business distribution, supply chain management services enterprises is mainly responsible for the supply chain of the major business functions mainly include:

Export and import customs clearance service -- provide the comprehensive consummation customs clearance services for import and export customers, including order processing, export document preparation, to the port and customs supervision transportation etc.;

Logistics and warehousing services -- the integration of the whole supply chain resources, does not have the logistics infrastructure, but the related business and outsourcing;

Bonded logistics platform service -- the parties (the exporter, outside the company, import agent, domestic sales center, the domestic agent or distributor) piecewise entrust their logistics service providers operating logistics services to be integrated, integral can reduce the enterprise logistics this, shorten the reaction time, reduce the damage, loss, and improve the efficiency of operation;

International procurement services -- proxy client from the global procurement of goods (including raw materials, semi-finished products, information products, machinery and equipment) and provide the goods collection warehouse to provide import agent services, at the same time, the goods to customers to enter the domestic market trade execution services and nationwide logistics warehousing and distribution services;

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) -- is the most advanced form of warehouse outsourcing, according to the customer's purchase order requirements, assist in all of its procurement activities performed to upstream suppliers, including from raw material procurement to shipping, the distribution process of homogeneous set of sorting, transportation, import and export customs clearance, inventory management and information transmission business execution, logistics operation, capital settlement and supporting services, information and data processing services.

Virtual manufacturing / assist outsourcing services -- accept client outsourcing production, the procurement of raw materials, production and comprehensive service delivery of finished products from the customer, form a complete orders, organization design, procurement, production, and distribution of the complete production process, completely virtual;

Supply chain solutions consulting services -- supply chain management planning consultation for enterprise, supply chain demand forecasting and planning, supply chain design (including the global node enterprises, resources, equipment evaluation, selection and positioning), material enterprise and between enterprises of supply and demand management and design, based on the product design and manufacturing management, supply chain management of integrated production planning, tracking and control.

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