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And signed the "export services agreement"

Provide product examination "and" the drawer pre-trial "information according to the guidelines

The results confirm the cooperation received notice of admission.

(to go when the single) contact customer manager told the demand

Fill in the export declaration information table"

(internal information audit, through)

According to the guide sign "export service order confirmation"

Arrange customs clearance


Receive overseas buyers remittance memo

Contact foreign trade service advisor submits memo

A foreign exchange account notice, confirm the final accounts receivable

Check the water and the remittance

Invoicing data received foreign trade service consultant and "supply cooperation contract"

Open value-added tax invoice, "supply cooperation contract" seal, customs clearance certificate, express delivery company

Receipt of invoice received notice

Received foreign trade service consultant payment notice

Check the voucher and tax refund this means that service quality will be the Maersk shipping has decreased significantly, while the mediterranean shipping service quality will rise.

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