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The third party logistics (English: Third-Party logistics, 3PL), also known as logistics outsourcing (logistics outsourcing) or contract logistics (contract logistics), the third party logistics has been the most misunderstood noun in the logistics and supply chain management.

The third party logistics is currently no accepted definition, but the principle is, "a special company" to provide another company (for example manufacturers) one or more of the logistics function. (such as warehousing, transportation) third party logistics providers including DanzasAEI Exel, famous Logistics, Menlo Logistics, Penske Logistics

The third party logistics companies need to have the following points:

A formal contract with the user, for at least one year

The two sides stressed the relationship, rather than the transaction type.

Emphasize the interests of both the feasibility and customization.

Maintain long-term relationships with customers.

Will take the initiative to seek the possible policies and practices

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