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Regional free trade agreements under the certificate of origin for export goods (hereinafter referred to as the preferential certificate of origin) is signed free trade agreement (FTA) economic bloc national authorized institutions issued to enjoy reciprocal tariff exemption certificate.

Preferential certificate of origin is China's export products, leading to the international market "golden key" and "securities", use the certificate can make export products enjoy more preferential tariff agreement "than the" most favored nation tariff ", according to the import country and the products of different tariff concessions range from 5% to 100% range, can effectively reduce the cost of exports, improve the international competitiveness of products.

According to the customs of the people's Republic of China on import and export goods preferential origin management regulations "and the General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 45 in 2009, China International Trade Promotion Committee and local agencies on August 1, 2009, started to issue preferential certificate of origin, involved in the export countries including Peru, South Korea, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Consignor of export goods may come to Shenzhen will bid for the preferential certificate of origin.

The Council accepts preferential certificate of origin in some areas:

(a) the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (destination: South Korea, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka)

(two) "China Singapore Free Trade Agreement" (destination: Singapore)

(three) "China - New Zealand Free Trade Agreement" (destination: New Zealand)

(four) "China - Peru free trade agreement" (destination: Peru)

BY EMBASSY OR (CONSULATE) is also known as "foreign certification". Refers to China's diplomatic institutions and / or foreign in my country, consulates, confirm the signature of the our country notarization, authentication organs or certain organs and / or seal is true of a legal act in the international commercial documents and paperwork. After the certification of the document has the legal effect of overseas, for the file using the relevant authorities recognized by the state.

At present, our country for implement the consular certification of international commercial documents and documents is the "double certification" form, namely by the Ministry of foreign affairs or its authorized agencies certification, to confirm the signature of the foreign-related commercial documents, document of our country's notary, certification authority or certain organs and / or seal is true and then sent to the foreign embassies in China and consular processing certification.

The China Council for the promotion of international trade will use its own network advantages professional agency to carry out a consular certification business, are renowned for their permit rapid, high quality and convenient work style won the trust of the majority of enterprises.

Certification program

The local council certification, always (or Beijing branch) - the Ministry of foreign affairs, Embassy

1, fill in the "representative of the application of the certification of the application form" (download)

2, according to the embassy, consulate request to submit the required certification documents and its annex.

3, time: because of the time, the consulate and the time difference, from 15 days to 60 days

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