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The multimodal transport has incomparable superiority to other transportation organization form, so the new technology that has been in the international transport of major countries and regions in the world has extensive promotion and application. At present, the representative countries multimodal transport are far east, Europe, the Far East and North America air transport, including its organization form:

1, land and sea transport

Sea transport is the main organization form of multimodal transport, and is one of the main organization form of the Far East, Europe multimodal. The organization and management of the Far East, European intermodal business mainly of liner conference Sanlian Group, North Holland, ACE and Denmark's Maersk shipping company, as well as the non liner China Ocean Shipping Co, Taiwan Changrong shipping companies and shipping companies such as Germany australia. This form of organization to shipping companies as the main issue of combined transport bill of lading, and the route ends of the inland transportation departments to carry out the transport business, and continental bridge transport competition.

2, land bridge transport

In the multimodal transport, land transport plays a very important role. It is the main form of the Far East, Europe multimodal. The so-called land bridge transport refers to the use of container trains or trucks, the transcontinental railway or highway as the intermediate "bridge", so that the mainland at both ends of the container shipping route and special trains or trucks to connect a coherent transport mode. Strict he speak, land bridge transport is a kind of sea transport form. Just because of its unique position in the multimodal transport, so here it alone as a form of transport organization.

3, sea and air transport

Sea and air transport, also known as the air bridge transport. In transport organization mode, air bridge transportation and its transportation is different: the use of land bridge transport in the entire transportation process is the same container, need not change, while the air bridge transportation of the goods usually in the airport into the air container. However. Their goals are consistent, namely, to provide fast, reliable transport services to lower rates. Sea and air transport, transport time less than full shipping, transport costs than the whole cargo cheap

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