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International shipping
American Kang Shi division is specialized in ocean shipping freight Proxy Companies, our service network throughout the major coastal city of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Foshan etc.. Our overseas agent network has spread all over the world 70 countries 200 ports. Service scope mainly involves the following routes:
EMC: Nan Meidong Taiwan, Croatia in South America, South Korea, Canada and Europe American CSCL:
KHL: Japan Taiwan South West Africa: South CSAV.
MSK: Europe, North America, Africa service global APL: the Middle East, Australia, North America, South America
EVER GREEN Northwest Europe, the Mediterranean, Lars Si Zia straight hanging, beautiful line MSC: Europe, Mediterranean, Africa
SITC: near to Taiwan Japan Manila OOCL: Japan, North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia Pacific Islands
WHL: Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, European line and PIL class to go very stable prices.
YML: Northwest Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, India and Pakistan, in

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