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American Kang Shi should market demand constantly improve their position in the industry, and strive to become a comprehensive, full range, point to point of logistics suppliers. Hereby, superior leadership for the company tailored to a set of perfect long-term development strategy!!
1, the transformation of third party logistics provider
American Kang Shi in the succession of freight forwarding business at the same time, the positive development of integrated logistics services including supply chain management, information management. The role of middlemen from simpleto become the third party logistics providers. To improve their ability to value-added services, in order to enhance the core competence, play the advantage of enterprise. In addition, the company will constantly improve their facilities. For example: the network information system of mature strong; have be trained with regularity and stability of professionals; integration business model.
2, relying on domestic resources to carry out a full range of logistics services
The rapid development of China's export industries are diversified. Furniture,building materials, food, clothing, machinery and equipment, daily necessities,mineral, cars and so on exports steadily rising, we should make full use of these resources to further expand market share.
3, the use of information, network, financial advantage, in the form of franchisedevelopment
In the competition of the enterprise development process, sometimes in collaboration with other enterprises can win the competitive advantage more than confrontation, this is the enterprise development strategy in the cooperative strategy. For American Kang Shi companies, squeezing profit the biggest obstacle to the development of information technology, network is not money, butwithin the industry repeatedly to reduce. In the market has been shipping freight forwarding eating environment, in order to survive and develop, we must bedetermined to go out. Make use of its information flexibility, network integrity,service quality to improve the value. In addition, companies must break throughownership, scale discrimination (or mental disorder), take the road of joint development. "The art of war," and "the potential Article III, for the potential, not for the people." Both resorted to their own strong invincible force, and don't expect others to attack.
"American Kang Shi" firmly believe that as long as the heart of a development.Let us work together for the American Kang Shi tomorrow efforts. Come on.Come on. Come on.

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